Even Mark Twain Loves It!

You know that quirky comedian you sometimes mistake for Sarah Palin? If you don’t, her name is Tina Fey, and you might have seen her on the show Saturday Night Live or 30 Rock, where she stars as Liz Lemon, the awkward producer of The Girly Show. Tina Fey has not only cornered the market on female comedy, but also comedic non-fiction literature.

Tina Fey’s memoir, Bossypants, is about her journey into comedic stardom and motherhood, mixed with self-deprecating humor, nerdy confessions, and beauty tips.

Bossypants’ cover is graced by a picture of Tina Fey’s head morphed onto the body of a hairy man in a tie. The back has two sections of promotional quotes, praise for Tina Fey:

“You’d be really pretty if you lost weight.” -College Boyfriend, 1990, and advance praise for Bossypants: “Do not print this glowing recommendation of Tina Fey’s book until I’ve been dead a hundred years.” -Mark Twain

Bossypants was one of those books that I said I was going to read, but then forgot about. So, when I realized that I forgot to pack a book for the beach five minutes before my flight was about to leave, I grabbed it off the shelf of an airport kiosk, threw some cash on the counter, and ran to my boarding zone.

And I am so glad I did. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. Tina Fey makes her memoir a very entertaining and refreshing read. Her journey to NBC is one that shows how hard it is for a woman to succeed in the entertainment world and much fun it can be as well.

Tina’s introduction to the acting world was as a gawky teenager when she took refuge in a summer acting program called, Summer Showtime, where she manned the ticket booth and bonded with gay teenagers who found a place to be themselves. She then moved on to work at a small improv theater called the Second City, and that was where she was first introduced to sexism in the comedy world. She was in a scene between two women that was cut because according to the director, “No one wants to see a scene between two women.”

Mrs. Fey encountered situations like the one she faced in Second City multiple times throughout her career, but in the end came out the winner when she disproved everyone who told her women couldn’t be funny by mentioning her multiple Emmy awards in her book.

Not only did we learn about her inspirational climb up the comedy ladder, we also got a hilarious look into her awkward childhood and teenage years where she learned to appreciate her straight greek eyebrows, thin upper lip, and weird feet. During her teen and college years she also experienced her fair share of heartbreak and learned that there are many different things that can be wrong with a woman’s body. She finally realized that none of that mattered and that was one of the main things she wanted to teach her daughter.

This memoir was a very interesting and lighthearted read, especially for the beach or on a car-ride. And if you aren’t much of a reader, there is an audio version read by Tina Fey that many say is even better than the print edition because of bonus readings and the fact that it sounds even more hilarious when read by the author herself.

Normally I’m not one to read memoirs or true stories, but this was one that I really wanted to read. Honestly the only reason that I wanted to read Bossypants was because of the mutated man Tina on the front cover:


I mean come on… just look at those elegant hands.

On the first day of my Spring Break all I did was stay in my villa room and roll around on the bed laughing. I was laughing hard that my family started to knock on my door, concerned that I was having some sort of mental breakdown.

Tina Fey knows how to write a funny book. And TV show. And character.

Kisses. xxx

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