Hi My Name Is… DaisyDukeDragonDemolisher and…

Pseudonyms. Some of the best writers in history have used them (Frost, Mark Twain, etc. etc.) and I think that is really cool. Live your life peacefully, but still have famous books. It’s my dream.

Then there are those people who write as themselves and also have a pseudonym, but keep them separate. I get that too. Some things you write could affect the way people think of your other novels, so you use a pseudonym. That’s a really smart plan. Kudos to you for being innovative with your profession.

And then there are the people *acidic glare* who write as themselves and from a pseudonym, but tell everyone that they are the same person.


This is honestly one of my weirdest and biggest pet peeves. There is no point in having a pseudonym if you are going to reveal that the pseudonym is yourself. No point at all, it’s a waste of brain cells and it confuses the fudge out of your readers.

Nerdy Girl 1: Hey Nerdy Girl 2! Have you read J. Lynn’s book, Wait for You, yet?

Nerdy Girl 2: J. Lynn wrote that? Who is that? I thought Wait for You was by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Nerdy Girl 1: No, it says it’s by J. Lynn on the cover.

Nerdy Girl 2: I thought it said Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Nerdy Girl 1: Well who wrote it?

To figure out the mystery of J. Lynn and Jennifer L. Armentrout look below:

I didn’t want to point fingers, but I’m going to have to.

***By the way, I don’t dislike this author as a writer or as a person.***

Jennifer L. Armentrout. She writes sappy, goopey, romances that contain all of the Young Adult romance book flaws from my other article (The Sad [but true] Thing About Romance). I’ve read her books. Some I really dislike. Others are okay. But I have now (just on principle) decided that I will never read her work again because of the one incredibly frustrating thing she did:

What? Does she have multiple personality disorder? Is J. Lynn one of her alters?

NO. So why would she have a pseudonym if she’s okay with people knowing her real name and writing from her real name? THERE IS NO POINT.

It’s like having your username: DaisyDukeDragonDemolisher for World of Warcraft and then telling everyone you meet your real name.

What was the point of coming up with a username that would make you anonymous to people if you were just going to tell everyone online your real name anyways?

And for those who are wondering about examples of the people who write as themselves and from a pseudonym so that no one will know that it’s them. I can’t give you any because they unlike some people, they don’t tell everyone who they are when they are using their pseudonyms.

Exhausted and frustrated kisses. xxx

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