I’m Going to China?

In an extremely odd turn of events I am going to China. For nine months. China.

I never expected that I would ever want to go to China for school. Of course I always dreamed of doing a study year abroad some place where people have sweet ass accents, which I guess China has, but I was thinking more along the lines of a British accent, you feel?

Anyways, if any of you who followed me a while back remember (which would be shocking) a post I made after I got back from Chinese camp, that’s where this whole adventure started. I went back to school and ended up doing superbly in my Chinese class (everyone was really shocked and I felt chill as fuck). Somehow, I got the idea in my head that since I was doing so well that I might as well just go to China. You know, once you have a basic beginner’s knowledge of a language you’re ready to take on anything, right?

So I applied and miraculously got in and the rest is history.

Hopefully, over this year I will have the time to get on here and update with the odd book review or share an awesome experience that I just can’t contain anymore!

I hope everyone has had an amazing year so far and if I may ask, are any of y’all traveling abroad or in the past have you done something similar to what I’m doing? If so, please contribute to my lonely comments section!

Kisses. xxx

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