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Deep Down South… I still hope I never say ‘Ya’ll’

So this is my first post (technically my second, but the first one was a quote). Ahhh! I’ve wanted to do a book blog forever and I have tried (and failed) repeatedly. I think it’s actually become a rule in my life that all my blog attempts crash and burn. But now that every blogging platform has upgraded to a quasi-tumblr type thing I think it’s safe to say that at least some of my posts will be seen. Hopefully this one will be the exception to the rule.

This is me by the way. Don’t be scared off by the pretentious Englander snooty look on my face. I just like to dress up and make faces.

I don’t have any real expectations that people will actually see my reviews, but if they do… yeah I still don’t have any expectations for them to come back. Haha. Sorry small pity party. Anyways, I hope ya’ll enjoy and that I never say ‘ya’ll’ again. *small shudder*

If you do find me. Don’t be a bitch (I mean that in the kindest way). Be an amazing human being. Follow me. Enjoy my book reviewing expertise (if you can call it that). Don’t stop believing. Oops, we’re going Journey now. I’m done. Kisses. xxx

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