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I swear to God. If WordPress fails save my drafts one more time, I’m going to friggin’ rip my laptop in two. Is it really that hard to save my work when I press “Save Draft?” That’s what it’s there for right? WRONG.

It’s there to delete the post you have spent the past 45 minutes writing, that’s what it’s there for! And I feel like crying right now, because I was appropriately witty and informative the whole post and now its ALL GONE.

And since I got my blog, which isn’t that long ago this is about the 5th time it has happened to me. What is up people?

What is the point of even having that stupid button if it’s not going to do what it was put on this planet for? It is a waste of space. Why waste your blog time making the effing button if it’s not going to work? OH MY GOSH I WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING.

Does this happen to y’all? And if so, do you feel like punching something? Cause’ I would love to get together with you sometime and bond over this infuriating experience.

ANGRY Kisses. xxx 😦

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