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“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.”
― Leonard Bernstein

This is basically how I deal with my school work. I’ve got a great plan and idea and about 2 days to do it out of the week I had.

Procrastination is Key

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So just yesterday I had an ecology test, a Chinese quiz on 120 characters, a mini-lab due, and two newspaper articles due. And they were all assigned last Friday. That is two days to do all of that. GAH. And today I have another newspaper article due, Chinese quiz, English rough-draft due, and a math project due.

And it continues like this for the rest of the week while adding on a six-page Monoculture vs. Polyculture paper. FML.

If I only had my ID this is what I would be doing right now.

If I only had my ID this is what I would be doing right now.

I will not be posting for the like rest of the school year because my life is effed right now and I think I might die of grade and exam anxiety.

Anyone else feeling this way right now? A good way to relieve the stress is to just put off the work and watch 30 Rock. Well it doesn’t put off the stress, but it make you laugh sooo I think it’s a good plan.

Kisses. xxx

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National Day of Silence

For the first time ever, my school will be participating in the National Day of Silence. If you don’t already know what this is, it is a day where students all over the country take a vow of silence for a whole day to protest the bullying and harassment of LGBT students. This is also to support the LGBT students in their school that are silent about their true selves every single day and try to make them feel comfortable in school.

I am so excited that my school is allowing us to participate in this peaceful protest and is reaching out to students that are afraid to be themselves. Tomorrow students who choose to participate wear a badge on their uniform to tell people that they are being silent and those who can’t be silent will be able to get a wristband to show their support.

So to stay true to my vow of silence I will not be blogging tomorrow and will see all of ya’ll (I really don’t think I can avoid saying ya’ll anymore) on Saturday.

If you are interested getting your school involved with this cause or want more information on the National Day of Silence visit their website.


Are you participating tomorrow? Does your school allow it?

Kisses. xxx

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