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用中文怎么说 I’M BACK!

So you might be confused as to what the squiggles in my title mean. Well they are Chinese for: How do  you say…. in Chinese?

I’m sure this means nothing to you, and seems totally irrelevant to anything going on right now. But, it basically explains how I spent my summer. I went to the bustling metropolis of Poultney, Vermont to converse in Chinese and ONLY Chinese for a whole month.

During my Chinese adventure I resided at Green Mountain College, which has the legacy of slaying their campus oxen and serving them in the dining hall. Don’t worry. That was before I got there. 


Meet Bill and Lou. The campus dinner.

One requirement of participating in the language program was staying true to the Language Pledge, which basically stated that we couldn’t speak, listen to, write, read, think, or breathe in English.

I could deal with all of those conditions, except for one. And I don’t know if you can guess it but, it was reading. I didn’t even consider following that rule. I had contraband stashed throughout my dorm room; books behind dressers, in drawers, in my laundry bag, my suitcases, and between my bed frame and my mattress.

Every single time I heard something outside my dorm, I chucked the book I was reading at the time behind the wall of my study carousel and pretended to be sleeping. I have to say that there were a few close calls, but in the end all was well because I got to read some amazing books this summer.

Reviews soon to come.

Kisses. xxx


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Hooray! Hooray! The end of the world has been postponed!

How I felt when I finally finished my last exam.

Chill Peoples… We Aren’t Dying Today

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