This is Me

I am a self-deprecating, book loving, cat crazy, audiophile, writing manic, kindasometimes introvert who hopes that she can express her obsession for all of the above through her attempt at a blog.

Ew, it’s me.

Book Sniffer. It’s a weird name. It’s a little creepy. Who sniffs books? Why would someone name their blog this?

Answer: the definition fits me to a tee.

N. A peculiar/socially awkward/weird child who prefers the company of books over people. A “nerd” or dork”.

All of that is so true. Just ask my (ginormous amount of 4) friends. I will totally blow them off for a book. Books are life, if you don’t read them you should be able to feel some dark, deep, bottomless, pit in your heart that takes over your body and paralyzes you.

Anyways, I will be posting my thoughts, book reviews, quotes, and interesting news that I see floating around on the internet.

Hopefully, I haven’t scared you off by now!

Kisses. xxx


6 thoughts on “This is Me

  1. See, told you I’d come and take a look. A tip for you… if you’re writing about books/literature then tag you posts with ‘books’, ‘book review’, ‘writing’, ‘literature’, that sort of thing… I reckon it’ll help you get some more hits.

  2. Love your description here- I can totally relate, so don’t worry- this will not scare me off in the slightest! Glad we made a connection- look forward to reading more of your stuff-(and love the addition of the quotes btw!) I am enjoying what I have read so far! 🙂

  3. Really neat bio. The professor was quite interested. Though the professor’s foolish brain usually satisfies himself…

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